Welcome to the Microsoft Teams Connect system by Life Stream.

Connect all your information systems to your Microsoft Teams workstation.

The system enhances every online meeting, delivering high quality, flexibility and ease of use.

Make Microsoft Teams the key to your successful online meeting space.

What does the system comprise of?

The Logitech Meetup camera adds video and audio quality to the Microsoft Teams software.
The video input control system and touchscreen makes presenting information simple with single button options.
Protect patient information with overlay options, for all video inputs.
Annotate on all video inputs by simply drawing on the screen.

Online Meetings can be simple!


Life Stream Healthcare Limited has been providing remote meeting solutions to the NHS for 20 years.

Realising the need for cloud based conferencing, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Life Stream – Microsoft Teams Connect system has been developed to enhance cloud based conferencing software.

Providing integration into the meeting room environment, providing the quality, flexibility and ease of use, supporting the high standards needed for Multi-Discipline team meetings within the NHS.


Telephone: 01722 568063

email: solutions@life-stream.co.uk

web: www.life-stream.co.uk